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Apple Days at Abt Electronics: A Great Time To Save

Abt’s Apple Days are here! That means up to 20% off select Apple products until September 27th.

Apple Days is featuring three computer bundles which are all up to 15% off their regular price. Each computer bundle has an upgrade to 4GB of RAM each—which is double the RAM that would normally come with the computer. The bundle deals also come with a 3-year international warranty.

Also, available during Apple Days, 20% off an Apple Care warranty. This applies to new and old purchases from up to 1-year ago (dating back to your original purchase); even if you didn’t buy your Apple product at Abt. AppleCare will help protect your computer for three years and can be used anywhere—including internationally. Apple Care includes three years phone support. To purchase Apple Care all you need is the serial number off of your computer or iPod. So, if you’ve lost your receipt—no problem!

-Kelly B.

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