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Alton Brown’s Thanksgiving Good Eats

Because I love all things Thanksgiving, and because I’m a  huge fan of Alton Brown from Good Eats Fame, I’ve decided to share some great Thanksgiving recipes from the super-chef himself.  Below are several of his best Thanksgiving recipes to try your hand, and impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving!

First and foremost, the star of the evening.  No, I’m not talking about your crazy uncle who is three sheets to the wind by the time he pulls into your driveway, I”m talking about the Turkey!  The main attraction!  Alton has a great Turkey recipe that is going to delight you and all your guests. Forewarning, give yourself time to get this bird ready.  It takes at least 10 hours of prep!

At Thanksgiving, the Turkey typically takes front and center.  Coming in at a close second, at least for me, is a good cranberry sauce.  While I admit I still like the cranberry sauce from a can, if you want to go, gourmet, check out Alton’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe.

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Is it your turn to carve the turkey this year?  Worried about not making a fool of yourself after watching a professional do it year, after year?  Have no fret!  Alton Brown has an easy-to-follow, “how to carve a turkey” video perfect for beginners and pros alike.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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