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Affordable 4K TVs Compared: LG UN7000 vs Samsung TU7000

Comparison of LG UN7000 vs Samsung TU7000

If you’re shopping for a new TV, there are probably two main traits at the top of your wishlist: 4K resolution and a very large screen. Whether you tend to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or spend your Sunday bingeing ball games, those two features will take your viewing experience to the next level—nothing immerses you like massive, ultra-detailed display. But many people shopping for a TV on a budget think that any TV with those specs is going to have an exorbitant price tag. Well, we’re happy to state that there are plenty of affordable 4K TVs that still offer a big screen and a great picture, along with other must-have features. Two perfect examples are the LG UN7000 and Samsung TU7000 4K TVs.

Here’s a quick comparison of these two popular 4K smart TVs, which are both quite affordable even in their largest available sizes.

And although these budget 4K TVs might not have the highly-refined picture or all of the latest bells and whistles of flagship models, they still offer the essential options you’d need when setting up an affordable home theater.

Both the LG UN7000 and Samsung TU7000 series are 4K HDR TVs, so you’re getting the increased resolution and vibrant picture that makes movies, TV shows, and video games look amazing. If you’re watching a standard HD feed (from your cable box or a Blu-ray player), both TVs have built-in upscaling technology to bring the picture quality closer to Ultra HD.

The LG UN7000 (left) has a chunkier bezel than the Samsung TU7000.

Each of these budget 4K TVs also has robust smart TV functions, so you can run apps like Netflix or Hulu without any separate devices. You’ll also get at least two HDMI inputs, one USB input, and a digital optical audio output. That should be enough connectivity for most casual users.

You’ll find plenty of smart functions on both the LG UN7000 and the Samsung TU7000.

And, of course, the best part is that each TV is quite affordable. At the time of this writing, a 60-inch LG UN7000 4K TV costs just $429.99, while a 65-inch version of the Samsung TU7000 is only $527.99. Willing to stretch your budget for a bigger screen? The Samsung TU7000 series is available in sizes up to 75 inches—and even that model comes in at just under $850. Click through any of the links above to shop for these and more than a hundred other 4K TVs today.

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