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Adler Planetarium Gets Technical With Space

Chicago’s very own Adler Planetarium and its brand new Grainger Sky Theater are about to show us what 64 megapixel images look like on a big screen. Described as the “largest single seamless digital image in the world,” 20 projectors inside the planetarium will be hooked up to 45 computers processing data for various images and should provide some incredible images of our universe, all in one convenient location.

The press release states, “The Grainger Sky Theater will project the largest single seamless digital image in the world with an ultra high definition screen resolution of more than 8k x 8k pixels.  This far surpasses the cinematic standard of 2k x 4k pixels, presenting a level of realism that can only be surpassed by actual space travel”

A perfect alternative to see space without having to go there.  The new show kicks off on July 8th, having been put together with aid from NASA and IBM among others. Read Adler’s Full Press Release for further information and more details.

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