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Activities for Father’s Day: Make It Exciting!

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Activities for Father’s Day should go beyond just gift-giving (and offering Dad a well-deserved nap). This is Dad’s time, and he should spend it enjoying every moment. Our team of brainstormers has cooked up a few ideas, thinking about what our own pops would like to do the most when it comes to activities for Father’s Day. So whether your father, husband, uncle or grandfather loves watching sports or baking torte, he’s bound to have fun when you make his special day exciting with these ideas.

Bake Dessert or Make Dinner Together

Family cooking father's day meal

Get ready to make a mess, it’s time to get culinary. Dad might not be the greatest chef (or maybe he is!) but he can definitely have fun in the kitchen. Think about making a favorite childhood recipe of his, or make a new one the family has been ready to try. Maybe even gift him a grill or put a bow on a brand new mixer. Making food with him or for him will be one of the best activities for Father’s Day; the whole family can collaborate and enjoy a meal together. In need of ideas for what to cook? We’ve got you covered there too. Check out our recipes section (like our recent skirt steak sandwiches made on the grill).

Head Outside!

Father and son hiking outdoors

Father’s Day is in the summer for a reason! Take advantage of the heat and hit the dirt, whether that means going for a run, a bike ride or another outdoor adventure. Hoping to switch speeds and slow down? If Dad could use a bit of relaxation, go for a slow-paced hike instead. Look for local flora and fauna and have fun taking snapshots of what you find. And don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen.

Watch Movies & Sports or Play Video Games

Father's Day Playing Video Games

Activities for Father’s Day can get hot. Take shelter by the TV and pick out your father figure’s favorite entertainment: does he love to get interactive with video games? Try a multiplayer game the whole family will love playing (he should know he might not win if Mom joins the fray). For extra fun, gift him a new game or console he’s been hoping for. More of a “sit back and relax” guy? Time to watch the game or pick out a movie. Make sure to keep up the conversation throughout the game; he’ll love to see you participating in something he’s passionate about. Sometimes, just relaxing together and talking about a movie after it’s over can be exciting, too.

The Classic Nap

When he’s all wiped out from a day of fun, it’s time to give one of the best activities for Father’s Day a try: naptime. Have your father figure crash on the couch with the TV on or send him into bed with his favorite pillow that’s that perfect level of softness. Either way, he’ll wake up happy that he’s had a wonderful, exciting day with people that love and cherish him.

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