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Abt’s Updated Atrium Windmill

If you’ve ever been to our store and stepped foot into our beautiful atrium, no doubt you have seen our video windmill. Located at the center of the atrium, it was introduced to Abt years ago after making an appearance at Las Vegas.  Home to four 42-inch 720p Plasma Panasonic HDTVs, it would spin in the fashion of a windmill, while accompanying video would also rotate. This produced a really cool video of water sloshing around, or a tap dancer moving from left to right. The Panasonic HDTVs we used have recently been replaced by Samsung LED HDTVs. Don’t fret, the Panasonic HDTVs are still in great working condition and can be yours. Now, you can own a  part of Abt History!

abt windmill

If you are looking for a Panasonic Plasma, we have the four HDTVs for sale on our eBay account. Check them out here!  Seeing as they still work  wonderfully, it is a testament to Panasonic’s solidly built units and long-lasting quality. Panasonic Plasmas are actually no longer being produced, and our entire inventory is here, until it’s gone.

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