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Abt’s Stellar “Marketing Lagniappe” Lands In Published Book

What exactly is a “marketing lagniappe”?  According to Stan Phelps, author of the new book entitled “What’s Your Purple Goldfish?“, a lagniappe is the Creole word for “the gift.” Phelps has an amazingly smart and simple, concept;  provide a little something extra for your customers…surprise and delight them, and you’ll get more back than any print ad or cold call could possibly deliver.

It’s that unexpected surprise that’s thrown in for good measure. “What’s Your Purple Goldfish?” collected information over the last several years from contributors who forwarded news and information about retailers and businesses that go the extra mile for their patrons and consumers. Abt Electronics was mentioned in the crop of stellar businesses for making the experience at Abt Electronics unforgettable.  We would like to thank Stan Phelps and the individuals involved in this book.

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