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Abt’s Outdoor Party Must-Haves!

Planning on hosting the perfect outdoor extravaganza this summer? Let our must-have list for outdoor living and entertainment guide you to the most popular and essential products you’ll need to throw the backyard bash everyone will be talking about! We’ve picked out a few of our favorite backyard items that can create the perfect environment and the right entertainment for your future outdoor party guests.


Weber 22” Original Kettle Premium Black Charcoal Grill


When it comes to throwing any backyard shindig, the grill will always be the star of the show. With that kind of pressure, having a reliable grill isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. The perfect solution for this pressure is the Weber Charcoal Grill. Charcoal grills offer better heat control, as well as the preferred and traditional method of grilling. Wow your party go-ers with the authentic BBQ flavor when grilling steaks, burgers, hot dogs and more, on a charcoal grill. Or add an extra twist, by using special flavored wood chunks, in addition to the charcoal. Your guests will keep coming back for more when they taste the extra smoky flavor. Shop Abt’s great deals on a wide variety of Weber Grills today, to really get your party started!

Klipsch Sandstone Outdoor Speaker


The next step on our list, which is often overlooked, is music. Whether you’re streaming your favorite party playlist, creating ambience, relaxing outside, or in need of movie audio playback, having speakers in your backyard is a must. By adding the Klipsch Outdoor Speaker, your backyard will deliver clean, clear sound, as well as amazing full-bodied bass during any occasion. Klipsch Sandstone Outdoor Speakers even offer a design that disguises them as rocks, making them blend in beautifully with any backyard landscape. Browse the selection of different colors, styles, and sizes of Outdoor Speakers sold right here at Abt.

Lava Heat Lite KD Stainless Steel Propane Patio Heater

Lava Heat Patio Heater

When it comes to backyard festivities, nothing can ruin them faster, quite like a chilly night. In order to ensure good vibes and keep the party flowing, our next outdoor necessity includes a Lite KD Patio Heater by Lava Heat. By adding a Patio Heater to your backyard, your family and guests will enjoy the perfect outdoor temperature throughout the night. To sweeten the deal, this patio heater is quickly set up by connecting a propane tank (sold separately) to the heater, then start it up with the easy start pilot light for instant heat! Transform your backyard into an oasis by adding any of Abt’s high-quality outdoor heaters.

Hanover Chocolate Metropolitan 5-Piece Outdoor Seating Patio Set

Hanover Patio Set

When planning an outdoor occasion, ensuring your guests stay comfortable ranks fairly high on the priorities list. Stylishly transform and arrange your backyard into an alluring outdoor lounging area, with a versatile 5-piece patio set from Hanover. These pieces may be placed separately to your liking, or become merged together into a colossal U-shaped sectional. In addition, Hanover Patio Sets offer luxurious comfort, making them the perfect option for your backyard. Provide seating for your party guests, or kick back and relax while looking up at the stars with a new Hanover Patio Set. Abt offers a large selection of Patio Furniture, so choose the perfect option to fit your backyard needs.

Check out the entire array of Outdoor Living and Entertainment products available at Abt, and let us help you create an ideal backyard paradise.

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