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13 Movies To Watch During Your Halloween Movie Marathon

While some days may have felt months long this year, 2020 is still flying by. Summer has come and gone. The winter holidays are right around the corner. But before we get there, fall has arrived in full force. And that means that the Halloween season is upon us.

While Halloween will be much different this year, the state of the world can’t stop you from having a scary movie marathon. Whether it’s via a virtual group watch, a socially distant backyard gathering with your friends and family, or (if you’re brave enough) all by yourself, you can get into the Halloween spirit with your favorite frightening films. 

A quick scan through your favorite movie app will reveal hundreds of horror options ready to stream. So how do you choose which creature features to include in your bloodcurdling binge fest? We’ve previously shared some recommendations in another Halloween post, but countless scary flicks have come out since then. To create a new list, we scoured six streaming platforms to present you with some of the best digital choices out there. So power up your 4K TV, plug in your Blu-ray player or media streaming device, or get your projector in focus, because you’re almost ready for your own personal fright night.

In the gallery above, you’ll find a wide variety of horror (or horror adjacent) films from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and Peacock. From seminal pieces of cinema to cult classics to new favorites, there are options for everyone on our list. There are even a few spooky selections that you can enjoy with the kids in lieu of trick-or-treating.  

And don’t fret if you’re looking to take advantage of your 4K Ultra HD tech. Many of these Halloween films are available with ultra high definition options. And some Sony TVs take it one step further, with an exclusive Netflix Mode to enhance your viewing experience. This mode is specifically calibrated to the app, presenting the movie with a picture quality that is as close to the filmmaker’s vision and intent as possible. And if you have a Sony TV but no Netflix account, the streamer has made “Birdbox” available for free without a subscription so that non-subscribers can join in on the fun too.

What do you think about our picks for a Halloween movie night? Will you be adding some to your watchlist? And what are some of your favorites that are streaming now that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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