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Abt’s Guide to Tailgating Ideas

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Football season is here, and that means it’s time for tailgating once more. Isn’t it time you upgraded your gameday experience? Maybe your gameday squad is tired of the same old sausages and low-quality radio to listen to the game. We’ve compiled our best tailgating ideas and tailgating recipes so you and your friends can enjoy more fun and great food. 

Fan Photo Booth

Capture your favorite football memories forever with a makeshift photo booth. To get started, you don’t need a fancy backdrop or expensive photo printer. An instant film camera or even a bunch of disposable cameras are a simple, inexpensive way to take fun and funny photos. Have people bring props like foam fingers, hats and footballs to dress up the photos; a handy pocket photo printer is the perfect way to print snapshots from your phone.

Get Competitive

Nothing gets people in the competitive spirit quite like professional sports. Kill time before the game starts or during halftime with a game. Giant Jenga, bags/cornhole or an oversized chess set are easy to bring with you to keep everyone entertained before the action begins. If you’re in a parking lot or other area with other tailgate groups, it’s also easy for other people to join in the fun. Set it up tournament-style and let the winner claim bragging rights or even a prize.

Show Your Team Spirit

Friendly rivalry is one of the best parts of football season. Do you and your best friend cheer for opposing teams? Ask everyone in your tailgating crew to don as much gear for their team, from jerseys to crazy socks and even face paint. Or, if you and your friends are visiting the opposing team’s stadium, have everyone go all-out with team spirit. Whoever represents their team the best gets first dibs on all the great food and drinks you’ve prepared.

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Tailgate-Approved Bites

If you’re in charge of gameday snacks, we’ve got you covered. There are tons of football-friendly recipes right here on The Bolt—we’re partial to the pig shots. The great thing about this recipe is that your ingredients can be prepped beforehand so you can simply cook and assemble once you get to the stadium. Just don’t forget the grill! If you’re looking to upgrade your pre-game hang, it might be worth looking at a new grill. A portable grill is a great option, but if you have the means to transport one, a small charcoal or a small propane grill can be used at home and at the game.

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Bring the Party Home

A day may come when you can’t head to the stadium to cheer on your favorite team. That doesn’t mean you can’t get everyone together, though. Why not bring the tailgate to your backyard? The last of our tailgating ideas is hosting one from the comfort of your yard. Fire up your grill and ask your friends to don their jerseys and bring food or drinks—the more, the merrier. If someone has a portable projector, you can watch the game while you eat and hang out with your favorite sports fans. It’s all the fun of a parking lot tailgate with the added bonus of home comforts.


We hope that some of these tailgating ideas have inspired you. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly gathering or want to grill up some delicious handheld eats, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget, you can find tons of tailgating essentials at Abt. Have a great football season and let us know who you’re rooting for in the comments!

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