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Abt’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guides

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and also one of the most stressful. Holiday shopping can be a seemingly endless struggle to find the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. And it’s compounded by the fact that 2020 hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. But the silver lining for shoppers is that many of us picked up new hobbies or interests this year, which opens up new gift ideas. Our Holiday Gift Guide was created to take the stress out of shopping, whether you’re buying something elegant for the woman in your life or some simple stocking stuffers for the kids. And hey, after this year, it can’t hurt to treat yourself to something nice. Here are Abt’s gift suggestions for all the types of people in your life.

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The Lover of the Outdoors

2020 is the year that we rediscovered the power of nature. With theaters, restaurants, and other indoor entertainment options limited, we fell back in love with our local parks and preserves, having a meal outside, and even just the simple pleasure of a walk around the neighborhood. These outdoorsy gifts celebrate that connection. From Yeti Coolers to patio heaters, these gifts give the people you love more reasons to spend time outside.

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The #fitlife Crowd

Another major lifestyle shift this year was the transition to in-home workouts. With gyms closed, the die-hard gym rats turned to pumping iron (or anything heavy they could get their hands on) in the confines of their own homes. Whether you’re shopping for someone who is a lifelong athlete or one is making new attempts to get active, there are plenty of fitness gifts that they’d be happy to find in a stocking. Something as small as a Takeya water bottle or a new pair of sport earbuds can help your #fitfam maintain their healthy habits through 2021.

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The Personal Chef

When we weren’t out on hikes or getting in a basement workout, we were probably cancelling out the effects of those healthy hobbies with a third newfound passion: cooking and baking. From exploring the fascinating world of sourdough starters to attempting our hand at Bon Apetit’s “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies,” homemade comfort foods were one way we found, well, comfort. Thankfully, buying for the newly-minted baker or chef in your life has never been easier. The versatility and iconic design of the KitchenAid stand mixer make it the ultimate gift for the culinary creators. And if your giftee skews savory over sweet, they’ll likely love an Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker. One of Good Housekeeping’s “Best Gifts for Chefs and Cooks,” this handy kitchen gadget will make sure that anything they cook comes out perfectly done, every time. 

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The WFHer

The term “home office” took on an entirely new meaning this year, with millions of workers across the country doing business in their kitchens, bedrooms, or anywhere else they could set up a laptop. If there’s someone on your list whose work from home setup is plagued by noise and disorganization, give them the gift of productivity. Noise cancelling headphones can quiet even the most rowdy household, while an iPad or Tablet is a quick way to add tons of functionality.

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The Gamer

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All of our extra time at home helped propel the video game industry to its best year ever. From the rediscovery and meteoric rise of Among Us to the Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons, video games let us all escape to new worlds without leaving home. And while the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain sold out around the world, there are still plenty of video game gifts to be given this year for both seasoned pros and noobs alike. Consider a new gaming headset or mouse; or a completely new gaming experience like the Oculus 2 VR headset.

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The Binge Watcher

Raise your hand if you’ve definitely watched more TV this year than any year before—there’s no shame in admitting your quarantine binge-watching habits. The recent announcement that Warner Bros will be releasing their entire slate of 2021 films to HBOMax on the same day as the theaters seems to suggest that the home theater is the main place we’ll be watching movies for the foreseeable future. That means there’s no better time to upgrade the surround sound system or move up to a bigger screen.. We’ve got every gift imaginable for the movie lover, from 4K streaming media players like the Roku Ultra to a brand new Samsung QLED TV.

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The Entertainer

Through it all, the virtual meetings and Zoom-based Zumba lessons, the “watching an entire season of the Office in one sitting” Sundays and the endless batches of cookies, there’s one thing that really got us through the year: hope. The hope that all of this will soon pass and we’ll go back to life as normal before next holiday season.  It’s a good bet that the #1 thing on people’s wishlists this year is to just sit down and have a meal with the people they love. And while we can’t make that happen, we can help make sure a home is equipped for when that day arrives. From a basement foosball table to a simple wine bottle opener, we’ll help you give the gifts that make in-home entertaining a cinch.  

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The Home Upgrader

Sometimes, the most sought after gift is one that seems boring to many people. You may not sit at work daydreaming about a new Google Nest Thermostat or a robotic vacuum cleaner, but those gadgets just might make someone’s holiday season. Because both can add an invaluable measure of convenience to a busy life, giving your recipient one less thing to worry about every day.

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The Instagram Star

We may be traveling less, but that hasn’t put a damper on most people’s Instagram game. In fact, the extra free time has led to people being more creative on the ‘Gram and TikTok than ever before. If there’s someone on your list who’s always in pursuit of the perfect selfie, these photography gifts are bound to be a big hit. While an LED ringlight is an easy way to create magazine-worthy glamour shots, it also has plenty of useful real life applications—providing great lighting for Zoom calls  or lending a professional look to a new LinkedIn profile pic. Polaroid and Fuji Instant film cameras are a big hit with the retro-aesthetic crowd. 

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And if you’ve been through all of our gift guides and are still struggling with gift and stocking stuffer ideas, there’s always the mighty gift card. Abt gift cards never expire, can be given in any denomination, and can be delivered physically or digitally—they’re the perfect last minute gift. And we’re also happy to give you some more personalized gift ideas. Just give us a call, send us a message, or come see us in person.

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