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Abt's 2011 Bracket Challenge

We are having a March Madness challenge. Visit our link, Abt’s 2011 Bracket Challenge and fill out the information to enter to win great prizes from Abt.

Brackets are scored as follows, for each correct pick:
Points are awarded based on the round number:
Round 1: 1
Round 2: 2
Round 3: 4
Round 4: 8
Semifinals: 16
Championship: 32

The first tiebreaker is Total points in championship game.
The second tiebreaker is Most games correct in first round.
The third tiebreaker is Most games correct in first 2 rounds.

Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 17th at 12:20pm EDT
Be sure to get your brackets in early.

For official rules and scoring, please see the rules page once you are registered.

Even if you choose the worst team, and come in last in everything, we have a prize for you too!  Whomever comes in last place will win a Sony Google TV Blu-ray disc player and a $50 Abt Gift card.

Full prize list and details can be found upon entry.  Good luck to all those that enter!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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