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Sonos Wireless Music Speakers at Abt

sonos wireless speakers

The Sonos Wireless HiFi system at Abt.

We always like to keep our showroom changing, making room for popular products and giving our in-store customers something new to see on return visits. Our newest addition is a corner display devoted solely to sonic streaming superstars Sonos, who have been taking the audio world by storm lately. Abt is proud to host the first Sonos Flagship Display in the US. The Sonos system is a set of devices that let you wirelessly stream music from one place in your home to another, without dealing with a mess of wires or complicated routing devices. Sonos wireless music players are simplistic in style and in operation, but pack quite a punch in the audio department.

sonos amp

One of the unique aspects of the Sonos system is its modular nature. Each Sonos speaker provides stunning audio as a standalone stereo unit, but they can also be used in groups to create a seamless, wireless multi-speaker system. This lets you build your collection as your budget, space or audio tastes grow. The basis of the Sonos system are the compact Play:3 and slightly larger Play:5 wireless speakers. With just one of these and your iPad, iPhone, Android device or home computer, you can stream your tunes to anywhere the Play speaker will receive a Wi-Fi signal. Sync multiple units together for home theater surround sound, or place them throughout your house and you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music in any room. If you’ve already got a set of speakers you love, but are interested in going wireless, the Sonos Connect:Amp lets you add Sonos wireless functionality to any standard speaker. And for the home theater buffs who want cinema quality sound, but have a room that simply doesn’t allow for the placement of satellite speakers, the Sonos Playbar integrates their innovative streaming features into a TV soundbar that pumps out world-class sound. It will rock your face off while watching the latest Bluray blockbuster, but once the movie’s over you can go back to streaming easy-listening jazz from your smartphone.

sonos ipad app

The Sonos iPad app

The Sonos Controller app is available for free download via the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, and the desktop application can be downloaded directly from Sonos. Using the Sonos software lets you, in the company’s words, stream “all the music on Earth.” What they mean is, literally any music you have—or can access—on your phone or computer, can be streamed to a Sonos speaker. Fire up iTunes, Spotify or Pandora. Queue up a Youtube video. Tap into your locally stored MP3 or AAC collection. Whatever it is, you can stream to your Sonos speakers, from anywhere. The system is perfect for those growing number of us who keep most of our music collection on or smartphones or in the cloud.  As long as you have your phone, MP3 player or tablet with you, you have access to your entire collection of music.

Sonos puts smart technology to use, combining listening enjoyment with ease of use. If you’d like to cut out the wires, and the hassles they entail, from your stereo setup, consider looking into some Sonos wireless speakers.

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