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Abt, in the Spotlight, for Being Green

Abt took center stage in CE Pro magazine today. In honor of Abt’s green initiatives, Julie Jacobson wrote an article to showcase Abt’s green efforts. In the Article, Abt Electronics: The Greenest A/V Retailer in the Country, Mike Abt tells Jacobson of Abt’s recycling center and bio-diesel generator.

Mike Abt, a self-proclaimed hippie, is the president of Abt Electronics and spearheads all of Abt’s eco-friendly efforts. Wind turbines aid the generator in keeping Abt off the grid during business hours. Abt proudly tells Jacobson, “Whatever the next new power thing is,” he says, “We’re on it.”

In addition to running on our own clean-burning energy, Abt is also unique, in that all Styrofoam is recycled in house. Recycling is more for than the environment than for Abt’s gain. At Abt, it’s about making a difference by recycling, not making a profit.

To read the entire article, click here.

-Kelly B.

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