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Abt Featured In Article On Induction Cooking

Do you suffer from technophobia? Does the term “induction cooking” induce fear deep inside you? Well, the cure for what ails you can be found in the June issue of House Beautiful magazine. Joe Klett, manager of Abt’s custom kitchen group, is interviewed in the magazine’s Technophobia feature and does a great job of cutting through all the technical (or potentially scary) terms to let you know how induction cooking works and what it can do for you.

GE Profile 30″ Electric Induction Stainless Steel Cooktop

As Joe explains in the article, “Induction is an advanced version of an electric cooktop. Instead of heated coils that turn orange-red, the electrical unit below the glass surface doesn’t heat up, but creates an electromagnetic field. When you put a pot made with ferrous metal on top. . . the electromagnetic field sends a current into the pot or pan. This current heats the pan itself, nothing else.”

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by Graham W.

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