Abt Encourages Everyone To Observe Earth Hour

People throughout the world are going to perform the same act at the same time this Saturday night, although it’s probably not what popped into your mind just now. “Earth Hour,” an event organized by the World Wildlife Fund, begins tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. local time in every location, beginning on Christmas Island near New Zealand. The goal is to encourage 1 billion participants to turn off nonessential lights and other electrical devices for one hour.

Landmarks all over the planet, including the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis, the Empire State Building, and Abt, are taking part in this event and will power down for the hour. As many of you know, Abt is actively involved in a variety of “Green” programs, and we also operate our own recycling center.

In addition, we generate our own power from natural gas with our own co-generators, use high-efficiency oversized fans in our warehouse to reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, and operate our own delivery fleet that is certified by the state of Illinois as being a “Green Fleet.” We also have installed solar panels and wind turbines on the roof above our Atrium area. For more information on all of Abt’s Green initiatives, click here.

This week, we also are encouraging all of our customers to observe “Earth Hour.” Who knows, maybe people can make this a daily, instead of a yearly, event and significantly reduce our overall impact on the planet.    —by Graham W.

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