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Abt Employees of the Year 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, we’d like to take a minute to honor some of the people that helped make Abt one of the country’s best-rated shopping destinations. Though we’re only a single location, over 1,300 people work together, each doing their part to keep Abt running smoothly. But within that group, every year, are a select number of truly standout employees who earn the title of Abt Employee of the Year. Each of them has proven their value through their long-running commitment to Abt and their tendency to go above and beyond what is expected of them on a regular basis. These employees are the real MVPs:

Carmen Garcia: This year, Carmen celebrated her 20th anniversary with Abt. Having spent some time at just about every customer service position possible, Carmen is the head of customer service for all e-commerce operations. If you’ve ever ordered something at Abt.com and had a question, comment, or complaint (hopefully not, though), it’s crossed Carmen’s desk. At any given moment, you can find her on the phone or in an online chat with a concerned customer. Recently, Carmen suggested and then spearheaded the merging of the customer service branches for brick & mortar operations with those of the web department. By cross-training all customer service reps in the intricacies of each others’ departments, they all became better suited at solving any and all of our customers’ problems.

Edguar Montesinos: Part of Bob Abt’s philosophy for creating the best shopping experience possible was that the entire store premises should always be in impeccable condition. Edguar is one of the key figures responsible for that. Everywhere you turn on the entire property, you’re likely to see Edguar. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he had the ability to be in two places at once. He’ll greet you on your walk into the store in the morning, while he’s out keeping the main entrance and front parking lot free of litter, even in below-zero Chicago winters. Then you’ll run into him as he makes his rounds through the store, multiple times a day, making sure the restrooms and cafeteria are looking spotless. You might catch a glimpse of him on the roof, helping out with maintenance. Or running packages out to customers’ cars during especially busy periods. Edguar does a little bit of everything, and there’s a good bet that when you see him in the midst of any of these tasks, he’ll be smiling.

Ted Scott: Even in a room full of our toughest installers, Ted Scott cuts an imposing figure, sporting a long ponytail that would make Thor envious. This veteran installer has been with Abt for nearly eighteen years, spending many a late night tirelessly getting our customers’ kitchen appliances installed. One of Abt’s early-rising employees, Ted is often already out on the road for his day’s deliveries at 7 a.m. As a resident of Illinois’ northern reaches, Ted has spent most of his time at Abt delivering to that area, so if you live anywhere near the IL-WI border and have ordered an appliance from Abt, there’s a good chance it was Ted and his partner who installed it.

Stephen Weiner: Yet another member of the double-digit tenure club, Stephen is coming up on his twenty-fifth year at Abt. Consistently one of Abt’s best-performing salespeople, nearly all of Stephen’s orders are to repeat customers or word-of-mouth referrals. The secret to his success? Knowing all of the products inside and out and always doing whatever it takes to make sure his customers get exactly what they need. His dedication to the customer is what keeps them coming back time and again, and is a perfect example of Abt’s overall philosophy.

We’re so grateful for our employees of the year. Their hard work and embodiment of Abt’s values make them incredible additions to our team. And if you see them around the store, congratulate them.

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