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Abt Employees of the Year 2021

Employee of the Year banner 2021

With 2022 launching off on the right foot, everyone is eager to leave 2021 in the dust. That being said, we’d like to pause and take a moment to honor what made 2021 the best for Abt: our employees. With over 1,700 people working together to accomplish our goal of complete satisfaction, it was hard to choose just four people. Every one of our employees works to keep Abt chugging along, helping customers to make their dream homes a little dreamier.

But every year there are standouts within every department. The following four employees have continuously strived to go above and beyond during their tenure at Abt. And that tenure runs long: combined, these four employees have over 94 years of service. Congratulations to all of our Employees of the Year below!

Employees of the Year 2021 Abt

And don’t forget to check out the amazing cake Vito’s coworkers had made in his honor, featuring shiny silver appliances and a  replica of an Abt truck!

Abt Employee of the Year 2021 Vito's Cake
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