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Abt Electronics Hosts “Career Experience” for Visiting 8th Graders

Abt Electronics hosts numerous field trips throughout the year. From Kindergartners enjoying a tour which includes a stop at the bubble machine in our atrium, to manufacturer representatives visiting us for the first time, Abt’s tours bring a smile to people of all ages. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a field trip for a visiting 8th grade class from Elm Place Middle School in Highland Park.

Teacher, Mrs. Jaffe brought the students in for their English class to learn a little about careers in the workplace.  Instead of a basic tour, the class was a bit more proactive and were given assignments to accomplish when they arrived.  Students were divided into teams where they shopped for different rooms of a home. They were given a budget and were told to stay within their means.

After they did their best to “decorate” their rooms while staying within their budget, Jon Abt gave them a history of Abt Electronics and answered questions from the students.

One student Jordan A. remarked that she liked seeing how, “everyone had a specific job to do at Abt, and that makes them all an important part of a successful business”.  Thank you to Mrs. Jaffe and her 8th graders for coming by and we hope we were able to help better understand the inner mechanisms of a family-owned retail business.

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