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Abt Electronics is Expanding!

Abt Electronics is getting bigger! In case you missed it, earlier today Abt officially announced plans for an upcoming expansion that will add a massive amount of warehouse space to our Glenview store.

warehouse expansion650

Architectural rendering of the planned expansion.

Our expansion will add 100,000 square feet of warehouse space to our existing location.

We’re always looking for ways to get our customers more of what they want, and often get suggestions about particular products. So over the past few years, we’ve expanded our product line to include categories like mattresses, dining furniture, water heaters and HVAC equipment. It’s been a positive experience, except for the one big (literally) drawback: These products take up space, and lots of it!

So, in order to keep things moving smoothly as we explore future product choices, we decided we need a bit more room to grow. The 100,000 square-foot addition will give us room to carry extra stock in our most popular items, as well as even more new categories. We’ll also be adding in dozens more loading docks for our own delivery fleet, which will let us get our trucks loaded and on the road quicker every day. By letting us stock more of what you love and get it delivered more efficiently, this expansion will lead to a better shopping experience for both local and national customers.

It will also give us a chance to embrace more green technologies. Like the rest of our existing warehouse, the new section will be lit with energy-efficient, motion-sensor activated LED lighting, so we only use energy to light areas where workers are. We’re also exploring the use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling the new area, along with adding to our existing array of wind turbines and solar panels.

We’re hoping to break ground in July, so stay tuned to the Abt Blog and Abt Facebook page for updates and photos of the progress.

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