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Abt @ CES 2012: Ultrabooks, Computers, Tablet docks, Robots & Bears, Oh My!

Samsung continued their CES exhibit with some nifty new gadgets. The first was their super-slim Ultrabook. At just over half an inch thick, this laptop is super powered in the smallest of packages.

Next is the new series of the Samsung Chrome. Samsung is revamping its first-gen Series 5 with a new model. Starting with the Chromebook, it trades its slick cover for something of a 12.1 inch matte finish, with more discreet logo placement. On the inside,  it steps up from Atom to Celeron, while the storage capacity remains fixed at 16GB. Look for it sometime in the second quarter.

The new docking station from Samsung is the perfect partner for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Sleek in design with an incredible booming sound.

Got a dirty room? Samsung is all over it. Their new robo-cleaner at CES 2012, showed off its cleaning and sensory skills.

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