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Abt Celebrates Independent Retailer Month

Neighborhood Background Abt Celebrates Independent Retailer Month
We're Open Sign: Abt Celebrates Independent Retailer Month

#ShopLocal: July is Independent Retailer Month! Smack-dab in the middle of the summer, these four weeks are all about celebrating the merit of supporting your community economically even when it’s not always easy. Abt would like to thank all of our customers for thinking of us first when it comes to your electronics, appliance and home needs. Whether you’re renovating your existing space or shopping online, we’d like to list a few ways that we square up against some of the big box and online sellers even as independent retailers. 

What We Do: Same-Day Delivery

While buying online from speedy sources is always enticing, it’s rare that you’ll get your order shipped to you on the same day (and know that the employees who packed and delivered it are treated well). That’s why Abt is going up against the big online sellers and introducing free same-day delivery. Check out our same-day delivery FAQs to learn how to make it happen and you’ll have those headphones in your hand by the afternoon.

What We Do: Our Low Price Guarantee

Big box stores always boast that they have the better deals. That’s not always true, either. Before you get in the car and head to a store you’ll have to wander through without help, check out our low-price guarantee. If you find a better price on any product at another authorized retailer, we’ll meet or beat that price. That’s just one of the ways we at Abt try to create the best experience for the customer, all while saving you money. You’re even likely to find free shipping on what you’re hoping to purchase, whether you’re outfitting your laundry room with appliances or picking out a new gaming PC.

What We Do: Bring The Expertise

As an independent retailer, we do more than just sell. We’re well equipped to make sure you receive the top-notch service Abt has been known for ever since our genesis. Our goal is to have an experienced specialist help customers, whether you’re buying an entire kitchen appliance package or planning a complete rebuild of your home. That’s not where the service stops, either. Our team of installers is ready to help you set up your new purchases back at home if you’re within our local installation zone. We’re even here to help fix any issues post-purchase if it’s within your Abt warranty time frame. Need help, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out our Learn Center to explore our buying guides and tips, or give us a call at 800-860-3577 to talk to a specialist.

What We Do: Care For The Environment

Abt's Recycling Center with Trucks in the Docks

Abt is founded on a dedication to service, but we’re committed to looking toward the planet’s future as well. Mike Abt, one of our four co-presidents, has made this independent retailer a big name in appliance recycling (and clean energy). We live every day like it’s Earth Day thanks to the company’s green initiatives, from our Recycling Center to the solar array on our roof to our constant recycling process. Bring your own waste here too to recycle; we accept all kinds of materials, from paper and styrofoam to tube TVs and more.

Why We’re Here: To Provide Complete Satisfaction

While we love that there’s an entire month dedicated to independent retailers like us, we’re truly happy to be doing everything Abt does best-making sure we’re bringing the satisfaction for every person who walks in the door. Explore other #indieretail opportunities in your community, too, and shop local to support businesses in your town. From restaurants to ice cream shops to boutiques and beyond, don’t forget to shop local this month and beyond!

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