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A Summer 2012 Family Road Trip With Abt

Who hasn’t taken a road trip with the family? Little brother’s kicking big sister’s seat for 50 miles, while mom and dad make empty threats to reverse direction, or “pull this car over!” Family road trips are memories for all of us and the truth is, they really haven’t changed much over the years. Don’t worry, if you listen to Abt, this summer’s trip to Orlando won’t be full of the same played-out car games or mom’s attempts for a family sing along.

Let’s start off with navigation. This Garmin Nuvi 2595 GPS will make sure Dad doesn’t have ever stop to ask for directions (who are we kidding). Use the 100s of points of interested to find a bite to eat and more importantly, bathrooms along the way. The ecoRoute feature will help you save a couple bucks on gas and the slew of traffic features will help you avoid traffic in unfamiliar territory.

What’s the most difficult part about keeping the minivan cabin cool and relaxed? (mom and dad, I’m looking at you). The answer is keeping the little rugrats quiet and content for more than 5-hours at a time. Now, in the past a good threat of leaving them behind would suffice but, some stupid child endangerment law put an end to that tactic. I bring you the Audiovox 10.2″ Monitor with built-in Playstation 2. Not only do you get a built-in gaming system, but two controllers and two games to go with it. Never hear a peep from the back seat again.

What about you? What about the parent’s who have to drive the entire way? Where is your entertainment? Make little Susy (or Timmy) sit shotgun and sit back and enjoy your favorite program in the car. No, you don’t have to record it at home and use the monitor for playback, that’s so 2010. Let our award winning mobile installers hook you up with a KVH Black TracVision A7 mobile antenna. No more watching the same DVD for eight states in a row anymore, this antenna combined with Direct TV’s Total Choice Mobile package brings you 185 channels and 70 XM Satellite Radio stations. Oh yeah, the kids might like this too.

I know what you’re thinking. “TV and games in the car, such a small space with so much noise!” Forget about it! These Sony Wireless Headphones will keep the cabin quiet while still keep everyone entertained. With up to 60 hours of battery life you won’t have to worry about constant charging.

There it is. Three products designed to keep your summer road trip on the right path, quiet, and still fun. The rest is up to you. Oh yeah, you could also rock a baller RV and enjoy a luxurious cruise fit for royalty.

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