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A multi-touch, multi-angled, multi-purposed, and multitalented multimedia machine.

Yeah, it’s kind of like this.

The PCWorld Best Desktop at CES 2012 has made its way onto the Abt showroom floor. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 is making its presence known on the shelves in the Connect Store. Why? Why would you ever want to pick up one of these all-in one machines? PCWorld said it best, the Lenvo IdeaCentre A720 Cuts the Fat, Folds Flat.

The Future of Multimedia and Desktop Entertainment

I’ll say it one time. 10 point touch screen that folds completely flat to the table. That means you can drag all ten of your greasy little fingers across the screen to push, pull, navigate and play throughout applications, games, and the web.  Like the pictured keyboard app above, the software and applications for a 10 point screen have endless possibilities and more interaction means more fun.

Enjoy a Blu-ray movie or catch a program on with the built-in TV tuner with full 1080 HD video, and Dolby Home Theater Stereo speakers. At 27”, this screen makes a solid bedroom addition that multitasks as a workstation and entertainment hub.

Like most technology, it’s going to depend on what’s developed for these screens but, I can imagine more life-like controls and incredibly simple navigation and organization – Minority Report anyone?

All-in-one means no more rat’s nests of cables

With the IdeaCentre, all of your computer components are packed into the tiny shell underneath the 27” monitor. This tight package, combined with the wireless keyboard and mouse, eliminate the bundles of cords and cables of desktops past and instead give a clean, clutter-free desktop space.

Not Just for casual users.

While it may seem obvious that an all-in-one desktop pc is more geared towards the family types, a addition of the 10 point multi-touch surface will make for some interesting applications both literal and software. Think of the way tablets defined the way some people work – no imagine that on a 27” scale. Video editors can drag sound clips on top of video, storyboard can be manipulated and transformed with the flip of an index finger – the potential for some serious working capabilities lays in the IdeaCentre’s  i7 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and 1GB dedicated graphics card. It will keep up with pretty much everything you can throw at it, and more.

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– Scott H.

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