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A Look Back at the Top 5 TVs of 2021

Top 5 TVs of 2021 Video from Abt

As the Consumer Electronics Show concludes, we’re left considering what new technology will actually¬†take the world by storm this year (and what futuristic gear will flop). Brands like Samsung and Sony revealed new TV tech like QD-OLED, which fuse the best elements of ultra-bright QLED screens and true black OLED panels. Meanwhile, our video team has launched a retrospective on the top five televisions that dominated 2021 in aspects like performance and price. These are some of the most loved televisions we preferred in 2021, and some that our customers preferred above the competition, too. For a complete entertainment experience, you’ll need a sonic boost, too; check out our Top 5 Soundbars to Start 2022.

Whether you’re searching for the best in size, screen quality or are on a tight budget, there are smart models made for your lifestyle. Have fun streaming shows, watching sports and catching movies with the top 5 TVs of 2021.

5. 4K Samsung AU8000 (43″-85″)

Samsung AU800 TV
The Samsung AU800 Series features an edge-lit frame, making this model ideal for wall mounting

The Samsung AU800 Series brings 4K UHD resolution and boosted color to any living room, basement or home theater. A built-in processor converts non-UHD content to 4K as you watch, while voice assistants like Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant stand at the ready to answer commands. Connect consoles and switch to game mode to reduce input lag to as low as 10 milliseconds. This model is one of the more budget-friendly picks of 2021.

4. 4K LG Nano80 (50″-75″)

A budget-friendly 4K model, the LG Nano80 is made to wow with a user-friendly navigation system and bright color

Made with NanoCell technology, the LG Nano80 is designed with vivid color in mind. Each scene features deep blacks, vivid LED colors and completely balanced brightness levels. With an incredibly narrow bezel, this TV has a skinny profile that’s perfect for the modern home. Four HDMI ports allow you to connect your favorite devices, though this model already comes with several streaming services ready to go. Meanwhile, the 4K processer helps to upscale everything you watch to higher definition, whether you’re revisiting old classics or watching the big game in all of its glory. This model is another budget-friendly 4K option perfect for streamers.

3. 8K Samsung QN800 (65″-85″)

QN800A TV from Samsung: QLED 8K resolution
An entry-level 8K TV, the Samsung QN800A series brings bright QLED color to every frame.

With the QN800A from Samsung, we breach the great divide between 4K and 8K resolution. With that leap comes a steep jump up in price (though this is a budget-friendly model among 8K TVs), along with an incredible bump in quality. Instead of a traditional LED screen, users get a bright infusion of color thanks to Samsung’s quantum dot technology. Every rom-com, every superhero flick, and every classic western will look better than you’ve ever seen it before in the sharpest definition available.

2. 4K HDR Full Array Sony X90J (50″-75″)

Sony X90J at Abt
The Sony X90J series boasts a full-array LED panel and friendly user interface that puts it ahead of an 8K model.

While the Sony X90J series might only be 4K resolution, it still beats out the competition when it comes to watching quality (and it just barely missed the top spot on our list). That’s because of its full array LED spectrum and backlit panel, along with its local dimming. Those two technologies allow colors to pop or fade into darkness as necessary. Meanwhile, the high dynamic range gives viewers access to the full spectrum of color. And if you’re looking for a user-friendly interface this is the model for you; it’s equipped with Google TV which has more apps available of any other television. Stream, game, download and more all from the same interface.

1. 4K HDR OLED LG C1 (48″-77″)

The LG C1 OLED fuses the ultra-dark blacks of OLED with the full-color spectrum of high dynamic range for a TV everyone will love to watch.

The LG C1 brought the best OLED screen value to homes in 2021 thanks to its high dynamic range, user-friendly operating system and, of course, OLED screen. These organic light-emitting diodes can be controlled at the pixel level, allowing for some of the darkest black levels available on the market. You’ll find true-to-life color saturation here, along with ultra high definition, game optimizing features, voice assistants, and a high-powered processor that kicks up quality of anything you watch. 

If you think one of these televisions might be the perfect solution to your entertainment blues (and the best way to start 2022 off on an incredible right foot) then head into our store to look at some of these screens in person. Alternatively, buy televisions online and have yours delivered right to your door for the ultimate in early-year convenience.

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