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A First Look At Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

Apple AirPods Gen 3

Apple fanatics rejoice: another announcement straight from California has sent local audiophiles reaching for their headphones. AirPods 3rd Generation has finally been revealed, following the tradition set by predecessors like the AirPods Pro and over-ear Max models. In the wake of the September 2021 Announcement that premiered the iPhone 13 and new iPad mini (among other goodies), this next member of the Apple family promises to give loyal customers something to look forward to this holiday season.

AirPods 3rd generation at Abt
Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

AirPods 3rd Generation look and feel familiar, but with significant upgrades. Designed as a newer, high-tech version of the 2nd Generation, these new earbuds flaunt a shape that’s reminiscent of the Pro version—and with significant savings. At an initial price of just $179 (vs $249 for the Pro) these mighty audio conductors are a competitive model in the increasingly populated field of truly wireless sound. 

Spatial Audio, Adaptive EQ & Longer Battery Life

Unlike the previous generation, Apple’s latest sonic technology promises the same advancements found in the AirPods Pro and Max with spatial audio. Consider spatial audio the “surround sound” of headphones: It builds a three-dimensional sonic experience for anything you listen to, from music and podcasts to TV shows and films. Meanwhile, dynamic head tracking helps to complete the picture, traveling with you as you move. Your tunes will play loud and clear as you dance, jog, lift and lounge.  

AirPods 3rd Generation Features

Something you won’t find in a pair of wired headphones from the grocery store? Adaptive EQ. Another feature borrowed from the Pro and Max models, Adaptive EQ tailors the noise you hear to best fit your ears specifically. Microphones that fit into your ear adjust what you hear in real time, enhancing low-range frequencies and dialing back on mid-range ones (or vice versa). It’s all customized to meet the needs of your unique self. 

When it comes to battery life, these new buds can deliver a full six hours of active listening time on a complete charge, while the case can hold 30 hours. Other factors like volume level and use can affect the battery life, but that’s still a full hour more of charge time than the 2nd Gen airpods—and 1.5 hours more than you’d find in the AirPods Pro, too. If you run out of power while out and about, 5 minutes in the MagSafe charging case will have you back up to an hour’s worth of battery life.

Other features like sweat and water resistance, easy audio sharing capabilities, an enhanced Find My system and new Siri functionality make these wireless headphones a strong contender for best holiday gift this year. 

AirPods 3rd Gen with Apple Watch

What’s Not Here

Lovers of AirPods Pro will immediately notice a missing functionality here: the 3rd Generation of AirPods lacks active noise cancellation and transparency mode. Any naysayers should keep in mind that these earbuds aren’t meant to replace the Pro version: they’re meant to expand the available offerings. AirPods 3rd Generation fills a wide gap that existed between the 2nd Generation and Pro. That makes it easy for customers who weren’t a fan of those rubbery tips to achieve enhanced audio.

Interested in giving the newest Apple gear a try? Head into our onsite Apple Store in the Abt Atrium to see everything new that 2021 has to offer. 

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