A Dishwasher That Cleans in 10 Minutes?

Spending about four times the price of a regular high-end dishwasher for a new model from Miele probably wouldn’t appeal to most people. But if you have a large family or entertain guests frequently, the new Miele 24″ Commercial Style Dishwasher could be just what you’re looking for. It is designed for people who have a large number of wash loads to clean on a regular basis—and it does those loads really fast.

Miele dishwasher

The most prominent feature of this dishwasher is its rapid, 10-minute wash cycle, which helps you clean several loads in a lot less time than a regular dishwasher takes. Worried about the noise? Don’t be. The three spray arms and powerful circulation pump have been heavily soundproofed for extremely quiet operation. Other features include a stainless steel finish, large wash cabinet with dual washing levels, and 7-program Multitronic control. We currently carry both a 240-volt model (G7856) and a 208-volt model (G7856208). Click here to see the entire line of Miele products available at Abt. –by Graham W.

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