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A Blender For Every Lifestyle! Breville, Vitamix & Wolf Blenders

Abt is on TikTok! Blenders for Every Lifestyle

Choosing between different blenders can be confusing, which is why we made a TikTok (did you know we’re on TikTok?!) helping pick out a few of these smoothie-makers for different lifestyles. Check out the video below, and we’ll dissect each of the three products Caitlin picked out beneath.

Breville Super Q: For Fitness Buffs & The Health Concious

Caitlin hit the nail on the head with this one! The Breville Super Q is perfect for health nuts for a few reasons, like its portable to-go cup attachment. The Super Q recognizes the vessel size as soon as you attach it, adapting intensity and speed to more adequately chop, mix and spin. Toss in greens, protein powder, colorful fruits and more. Then just put the cap on and hit the road. The cap even has a finger loop that makes it even easier to take your fuel right along with you. 


Breville Super Q Blender
The Breville Super Q Brushed Stainless Steel Blender

There are five one-touch programs, too, perfect for when you’re tying on your running shoes or whipping up a protein-filled breakfast in a hurry. Make your own nut butters sans sugar and additives, or pulse healthy frozen cocktails together for a more wholesome take on girls’ night in.

Vitamix Ascent A2300: For Parents and Meal Preppers

This extra-large smoothie-maker proudly sports the Vitamix name (one of the most recognized in the world of liquidizing). This model sports all the benefits each Vitamix model sports, like self-cleaning ability and unparalelled power. But the big draw for parents and meal preppers who are tight on time? Wi-Fi Connectivity and a digital timers.  


Vitamix Ascent A2300 at Abt
The Vitamix Ascent A2300 Blender

That digital timer will help you keep track of when soups are pureeing and sauces are mixing, giving you time to work on other tasks (like cleaning up the kitchen and running around after the kids). You can even make baby foods and mashes for younger ones; think pureed bananas and spinach for babies just being introduced to solid foods, or freeze healthy popsicles for your toddlers as they grow. Green smoothies are a great choice for older children, teens and adults, too. 

Wolf Gourmet Pro Performance Blender: For The Serious Chef

Whether you’re a master baker, spend hours planning out gourmet dinners or just enjoy everything related to gorgeous cuisine, you’re going to need a mixer that can do more than just chop veggies and make smoothies. This Wolf blender is designed for the culinary artists among us. A 2.2 horsepower motor means that this baby is strong enough to power through sauces, soups and grains. Meanwhile, a variable speed control allows users to adjust as their ingedients combine.    

Wolf Blender at Abt
The Wolf Gourmet Pro Performance Blender

When you’re finished using your Wolf blender to puree soups and create healthy meals on-the-go, cleaning and storage are both easy. Nearly every piece of the Wolf blender is dishwasher safe, like the jar, lid, tamper and filler cup. Once yours is squeaky clean, feel free to show the stainless steel beauty off on the counter. It’s short enough to fit beneathstandard cabinet heights, meaning you’ll still have space on the counter to chop veggies, prep meats and get your culinary delights ready for dinner. 

Happy blending, and remember to follow us on TikTok! We’re on all social media channels, too. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel. 

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