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9 Creative Basement Remodel Ideas

basement family room

9 Creative Basement Remodel Ideas

basement living room

From creating more living space to increasing the value of their home, there are many reasons people decide to remodel their basement. If you’re considering an upgrade yourself, explore these nine creative basement remodel ideas for some inspiration.

  1. Create a game room for fun with family and friends.

Break out the foosball table and the Nok-hockey! A game room is a great way to bring the people you love together for a little bit of healthy competition. Be sure to set up a seating area with a sofa and a few cushioned chairs for those who’d rather watch than get in on the action.

  1. Make room for the classic “man cave” basement space.

The idea of a man cave can be a bit divisive, but some families find it beneficial to have a portion of the house dedicated to more masculine creative expression. This space calls for a premium quality OLED TV for playing video games, a big comfy chair and all the sports memorabilia that one room can hold.

bar new luxury home
  1. Build out a bar for hosting casual gatherings.

If you enjoy hosting your family and friends for more casual get-togethers after hours, consider bringing the bar to the basement. If you’re tight on space, you can set up a wine cooler and a bar cart for storing your collection, while a sleek countertop and a few bar stools will complete the room nicely. If you have more room (and plumbing options) to work with, add in a sink and cabinets to build out a full wet bar.

  1. Turn the space into a fun playroom for kids.

If you’d prefer to keep the rest of your home looking more elevated and mature, you might consider setting aside a special area in the basement for your little ones to learn and play. Bring in some smaller-scale furniture where kids can feel comfortable and independent, build storage solutions into the layout and don’t be afraid to get creative with color!

  1. Get that workout in with a custom home gym.

If you have the benefit of a basement, a home gym could be the perfect place for the elliptical that’s been sitting in the middle of your living room for years. Explore flooring options that will offer support for your joints, consider a mirrored wall for watching your form, set up shelves for your free weights and mount a TV on the wall to keep motivated with music videos or your favorite television shows.

  1. Set aside space for an elevated, practical laundry room.

Having a designated space for laundry is a great way to help this chore feel less like, well, a chore. Save space with a top load washer from brands like LG or Whirlpool, a dryer and a narrow countertop for easy folding, ironing and storage.

modern bedroom interior
  1. Add an additional bedroom, or even create an apartment-style space.

If you have frequent house guests, or children who are getting older, a basement remodel could provide the perfect opportunity to add a bedroom (or even a small apartment) to your home. Having a separate space from the rest of the house offers privacy and independence while still enabling you to offer your hospitality.

  1. Get ready for movie night with a creative home theater.

Is there anything better than bringing the movie theater experience back to your own home? A basement space is perfect for entertaining friends and family with movie night! Mount a nice, big TV from a top brand, invest in speakers that’ll throw the sound and ensure you have enough seating available for everyone.

  1. Make a second, more casual living room for older kids and their friends.

As your children get older, they’ll crave more independence and probably request to host some houseguests of their own. Instead of sending them out to a friend’s, give them a little privacy with their own living space for entertaining. You’ll be able to have your own guests over in the more formal living room upstairs, while the kids can spend time together watching TV or playing games downstairs.

No matter what the reason for a basement upgrade, there are so many creative ways this space can be reimagined to suit your needs. Which of these basement remodel ideas are your favorites?

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    Rebecca Gardner
    October 27, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    I love your idea to include a bar so we can have casual gatherings in the basement. My husband and I are planning on using his holiday bonus this year to hire a basement remodeling service. Thanks for giving me these modern and trendy ideas to incorporated to help us enjoy our new basement as much as possible!

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