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8K TV is Here

It was just about six years ago that everyone in the industry was heralding the arrival of the newest revolutionary display standard: 4K resolution. 4K promised unprecedented levels of image quality with a picture that was drastically clearer and more detailed than any TV available at the time, a leap that hadn’t been seen since the move from standard definition to high definition. And it delivered. 4K quickly grew in popularity and became the de facto industry standard. Today, the selection of 4K TVs available in our inventory outnumbers HD TVs by a ratio of more than 5-to-1. And just as they’ve become the standard, a new one has arrived: 8K.

While 8K had been teased since 4K’s infancy (we saw it as early as 2013), it was always only as proof of concept. This year, concept has become concrete as the first 8K TV—the Samsung Q900 QLED— has hit our showroom floor. Earlier this week, Samsung formally announced model and MSRP info for their entire 2019 TV lineup, which includes five different sizes of the Q900.

The Samsung Q900 8K QLED TV, on display at Abt.

You can currently see an 85-inch version of the Samsung Q900 on display at Abt, but later this month the company will be releasing, 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, and 98-inch models as well. While pricing on the largest model was not revealed (expect it to be…expensive), the 65-inch Samsung 8K TV will retail for just under $5,000

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