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Imagine this: You have been infected with 183 viruses and I want $100 for my program to remove it.  But wait, you did not download anything or ask for any computer information informing you of that. You even realize that you already have an anti-virus software installed. How did you get on my computer?  This is called Scareware (Wikipedia) which usually presents itself as a pop-up that states your computer is infected. This pop-up typically flashes “click here” to get rid of all your computer problems.  But there is a catch: when you click on the link, you are actually infecting your computer.

So what do you do when this pop up shows up? Well, you can do a few things. When this happens with a Windows PC you can either click the X in the top right hand corner to close the window, but ensure you pay attention and read the windows that occur after you click the X.  In some cases the windows that pop up will redirect you to the malicious program if you do not pay attention.  On a Mac you must click the red circle in the top left hand corner and follow the same instructions. And YES I did say a Mac! It is advisable to have protection on your Apple computer! Remember no matter what if you get a pop up saying your computer is infected with something and your anti-virus program did not tell you it is usually a fake do not give up your credit card information.  And for some reason you have already given up your information cancel your credit card ASAP!  If you have any questions about Scareware please give our Connect Techs a call at 847-544-2255.

-Chad Taylor

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