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Type N Walk: Helpful or Harmful?

An application I recently discovered called Type N Walk, which is available for the iPhone 4, has raised both interest as well as ethical questions. The program, which can be downloaded for $.99 on the iPhone market, allows users to text while walking.  It uses the iPhone’s built in camera to stream video of what is in front of the walker, all the while allowing you to see both your keyboard and the words you are typing.

The application’s website states, “This [transparent viewport] combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles—like walking face-first into a tree!”  Personally, I can’t think of anything that is so important to text, that you can’t stop what you are doing for a moment and safely send the message.

Abt’s customer service representative Theresa O, downloaded the program on her iPhone to experiment. “I don’t like it.  The concept is good, but the way the camera is, it’s basically looking at the floor,” she stated. “I still had to look up while walking to be completely safe.  It wasn’t very helpful.”

The application’s main website has a video simulating what it is like to use when walking.

This definitely raises some questions on whether or not a program like this only makes it, what may seem like, easier for people to walk or drive and text. Naturally, Abt Electronics doesn’t condone texting while driving or walking, but if any of you have the application, we would like to hear your stories.  Even if you don’t, we would like to hear your opinions on whether this is a helpful, or harmful application.

-Nick E

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