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5 Wedding Gifts That’ll Put a Twist on The Traditional List

They’re going to the chapel, and they’re going to get married! That’s right, wedding season is officially here! But before you can break out the cha-cha slide, you must ask yourself the question: what kind of wedding guest will you be?

At Abt, we like to think that the bride and groom’s rankings are not be based off of how well you can sliiiiide to the left, or sliiiiide to the right, but rather on the thoughtfulness of your wedding gift.

So if you’re looking for wedding gifts that are little more memorable than a toaster or some towels, we encourage you to browse our selection of wedding gifts below. Here are 5 gifts that will help you to be the perfect attendee.


1.  Moscow Mules are having a moment.

Created in 1941, this cocktail has officially made a comeback and is “hitting the market again”. Holding the title as one of the bar’s most requested drinks, Moscow Mules are most definitely the thing of the summer. Although they are nothing short of tasty, it isn’t so much the ingredients that are making these drinks so popular: it’s the classic look of the copper mug. Oggi’s Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are known for their distinguished color and stainless steel lining, which allows your drink-of-choice to stay pleasantly chilled for hours. With Abt’s low price guarantee, a full set of mugs is an affordable gift that’s sure to be a hit.


2. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016. 

And what could say happy and healthy better than a Spiralizer? If you’re thinking, what in the world is a spiralizer, *lettuce* tell you that this machine has the power to transform your vegetable lifestyle. The OXO Good Grips Spiralizer is an inexpensive tool that can turn a variety of fresh vegetables into faux noodles. Don’t get us wrong, at Abt, we love our traditional pasta, but Vegetablism is in, and veggie noodles are easy, tasty, and super healthy. With this gift, the bride and groom can experiment with their favorite veggie dishes through the quick workings of the spiralizer. It includes 3 stainless steel blades, and a stronghold suction cup for non-slip stability. You can even create uniform spirals from fruits and vegetables for curly fries, salads, garnishes and more!

xlarge0-916723. Got wine?

Now unless you are the Father of The Bride, we understand that you’re probably not looking to break your bank on this wedding, so the Avanti Stainless Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a gift with a lot of class for not a lot of cash. This reasonably-priced Dual Zone Wine Chiller features slide-out chrome shelves that can hold up to 18 bottles of wine, and state-of-the art thermoelectric technology! Integrated with soft touch controls, and a thermopane glass door, it’s made up to be is every wine lovers dream. So cheers to you bride and groom, it’s time to let your wine collection bloom!


4. Pull off the perfect picnic.

Help keep their romance alive with this Picnic Time Chardonnay Wine Basket! Constructed of willow and premium leatherette accents, this basket will without a doubt make all their fellow picnickers jealous. It even includes a pair of hand-blown wine glasses, one Stainless Steel Waiter Style Corkscrew, and two napkins. So basically, it will be the most delightful picnic ever. Encourage a day-cation with this thoughtful gift!


5. Get to Grillin’

Ok, we love this grill, and we can guarantee your newlyweds will too. How could they not? Cuisinart’s Griddler ensures that every season is grilling season. It includes two sets of dishwasher-safe removable grates: one with ridges for your meats and panini, and the other flat, designed for your pancakes and eggs. The grease rolls into a removable tray off the side, which also makes it super easy to clean. Give them the gift that will make lunch, dinner, and even breakfast, a breeze.

For more ideas for wedding gifts, visit our Gift Ideas page. Oh, and did I mention almost many products ship for free? Cha Cha now y’all.

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