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5 Smartphone Apps That Save Lives

5  Mobile Apps To Keep You Safe

Using a cell phone while driving, or even walking, is a major issue among smart-phone users. Truth is, it can wait—but since most users ignore the serious danger this habit presents, here are a few apps to help keep you and those around you safe.

1.  Awareness (Essency)

Awareness is a wonderful little app that utilized the microphone in your phone to transmit outside noise through your headphones. You control the threshold and volume of the sound so you can enjoy your tunes while remaining aware (get it?) of your surroundings. Never worry about getting smacked by an ice cream truck on your afternoon jog again.

2. Type n Walk (CGactive LLC)

We have all been there—trying to coordinate the nights events via text while walking through the house and then– *SMACK*– your big toe meets the corner of the coffee table. No? That’s just me?   What if the background of the text window could somehow magically replicate the surroundings? Type n Walk uses the on-board camera to see what that beautiful 5 inch touch screen is blocking, and displays it as the background of your texts. No more running into walls, street signs, or street performers for that matter. Airheads, space cadets, and communication junkies alike can benefit from this app.

3. Pocket First Aid & CPR (The American Heart Association & Jive Media) 

Be prepared to be the hero you always wanted to be with the Pocket First Aid & CPR app. If this app can help Dan Woolley survive 65 hours under a pile of rubble, it can help you. This app features 34 videos and 46 HD illustrations to walk you through adult, child, and infant choking and CPR scenarios.  The app also comes complete with an enhanced medial profile section so you can access and share insurance, allergy, doctor, and other information in times of need.

4. PulsePoint (PulsePoint Foundation) 

A social network for life savers—PulsePoint alerts registered CPR certified users of nearby cardiac emergencies using location-based services. Although the app has current limited availability, the future life-saving potential is impressive. The app also directs citizens to the exact location of the closes public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED), as users can photograph and geo-tag locations throughout the city.

5. iTriage (Healthagen LLC) 

Created by two ER doctors, iTriage answers all of your medical questions. Search symptoms, learn about potential causes, and find the most appropriate facility or doctor. A must have mommy-app, iTriage can provide crucial information like ER wait times, pre-registration for select facilities, one-touch access to emergency hotlines, map and directions, and everything else you need to ensure the safety of those around you.

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