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5 Products That Make Any House Smarter

All 80’s babies should remember the Disney Channel original movie, Smart House. It starred the now SAMCRO first lady, Katey Sagal, as the avatar named PAT. PAT could cook, clean, and entertain, making her occupants lives as comfortable as possible. Take a look at the list of products below from Abt that can turn your home into the smart house of your dreams, without the constant fear of an iRobot-like attack on your family or whirlwind of destruction that lovely old PAT turned into.

Linksys EA Series High Performance Smart Routers

Turn the heat on before you get home, or make more ice without getting out of the hammock in the back yard with these cutting edge routers. The new Cisco Connect Cloud feature turns your wireless router into the smartest hub in the house. Not only is it the fastest Linksys router available with dual-band performance for uninhibited connection speeds, but has its own application market for controlling your connected home from any mobile device or browser.

Samsung 28 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

A fridge with a built-in touch screen and Wi-Fi is a no brainer. Specialized applications designed for your refrigerator lets you leave notes for family, displays photos, and more.  Users can manage their calendar, and even check recipes through Epicurious and find ingredients before even opening the fridge. The fact that it’s an Tier 1 Energy Star model (highest efficiency) doesn’t hurt either.

Sonos Connect Music Player

Enjoy the sound of music in every room of the house. The Sonos Connect Music Player connects to the equipment you already have in place, and through a Wi-Fi connection, can stream internet radio, your iPod or iPhone, or music from your computer to any room in the house with another Connect device, or receiver. You can even listen to different music in different rooms.

Samsung 64” Series 8 LED Flat Panel 3D Smart TV

What smart house is complete without a smart home theater system? Smart features bring you customized streaming content from providers like Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, and more. A full web browser, and application market at connectivity and convenience, while Family Story and Fitness help you stay in shape and connected with the entire family. Change the channel with your voice, swipe through apps with a wave of your hand and enjoy a custom experience by loading your personal settings with a facial recognition system.

Sony 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

Sony Tablet will be the wireless control for the entire home. Connect it to the Sonos system with an Android application and control a whole-house audio system. The built-in universal remote will control all your Samsung Smart TV and a Cisco Connect Cloud app will give you access to all the smart appliances on the network, not to mention all the native applications and thousands of others on the market to smart-ify your experience.

Did I miss something? What would you add to your smart house?

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