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5 Essential Appliances When Moving Into a New Home

New Home Owners

The day spent moving into your first home is one you will remember the rest of your life. You’re beginning your nest —curating the sticks and leaves of life to turn your new house into your home. You’ve got plans to paint this room a new color, and strip the wallpaper from the upstairs, maybe even a few big time upgrades here and there. This whole process takes time —maybe weeks. As time goes on, costs will continue to add up and it’s important to save where you can.

One of the biggest expenses along the journey is the (never ending) purchase of appliances. Appliances do a lot for your home. They can make you comfortable, keep you entertained, make you something to eat, and even clean your home for you. Whether you are building your perfect laundry room, dream entertainment center, or just looking for a new toaster – your choice of appliances can majorly effect your new-house experience.

These are Abt’s top five appliances for transforming brick and mortar into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Whether your home is all carpet or hardwood floor, a good vacuum will keep dirt, dust, and debris from distracting guests from all the work you’ve done (and money spent) to make your home look great for the housewarming party. You may even just want a small handheld vacuum to clean up small spills and messes, but a properly selected vacuum will keep the task simple and hassle free.  Make sure you pick the best vacuum for your needs and budget.

2. Coffee Machine

The quintessential life-blood of late night home improvement projects and early mornings. A great cup of coffee can make or break an entire day so make sure you have a machine that not only brews a great cup, but is also easy to clean. Look for auto-start options so you can have a fresh cup ready as soon as you step out of the shower in the morning.  Looking for a quick caffeine fix? Try a french press, single-brew, or pour-over option to enjoy a hot coffee in under 2 minutes. No time to make coffee? Just brew a quick cup on the way to work in the morning. Brewing your own coffee, instead of buying a cup from a nearby coffee shop will also save you money.

3. Microwave Oven

One of the most valuable appliances to have at your disposal, microwaves can reheat last night’s spaghetti and even bake delicious chocolate chip cookies. They’re easy to install and can keep you full while you wait for your new kitchen appliances to be delivered from Abt.  Some models offer sensor cooking, which monitors the temperature of the plate of food, beverage, or bag of popcorn, and avoid over cooking and ruining the meal. As with other appliances, look for higher energy-efficiency models. Microwaves are low maintenance,  with a lot of function, making them a great long-term investment for your new kitchen. Plus, when you’re working away getting the new abode set up, it’s a quick way to grab a bite to eat.

4. Flat Screen TV

Will your home survive without it? Yes. Will you survive if you miss (or at least don’t DVR) the final episode of Dexter? Maybe not. With the huge variety of styles and prices available, there is an option for anyone. Their smaller profiles take up less space and, if wall-mounted, can really add a modern touch to any room.  When rested on the perfect TV stand, your entertainment center can function as a decorative focal point for gathering and quality family time.

Even if you don’t put another single piece of entertainment in the house, a TV will keep you captivated on those quiet Tuesday nights or could even foster up a little movie and snuggle-sesh with the misses on a cozy weekend. It’s a relatively cheap investment for long-term entertainment and, well, everyone has one and you don’t want to miss out. Do you?

5. Portable Stereo

This last spot was a toss up between music or cool air (portable A/C), but you’re undoubtedly going to be spending a lot of time unpacking and organizing, and doing that in silence sounds miserable. A simple 2-speaker stereo can make the dull, robotic experience of unpacking, a little more lively and possibly even enjoyable.  Better yet, if you pick one up with an iPod connector, you can enjoy hours of your favorite tunes.  Even more, once all the unpacking, organizing, painting, and whatever else you have to do is finished, you’ll have a quality sound system for doing yard work or enjoying friends outside, or just a little something to add some extra pep to the morning shower. This simple and inexpensive investment yields tons of functionality throughout its life. Plus, what’s a new house without good music? Communist, that’s what.

Agree? Disagree? Did I skip something you think is crucial to a move-in? Use the comments to talk, yell, rant or rave at (or with) me.

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