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4 Things You Should Do Before You Start Grilling!

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The season of being outdoors with great company and great food is just around the corner, yes we’re talking about grilling season. Since the warm weather is on its way very soon, it’s time to break out the grill and start grilling some delicious foods. But before you start showing off your grilling skills, there are a couple steps you should go through to make sure your grill is in great condition.

1. Check the Hose

grilling check hose

Your grill has been sitting out for many months without any use, take a few minutes to inspect the hose before you ignite your grill.

Especially for liquid propane gas grills, check the hose from your propane tank and also your burners, make sure all parts of the grill are intact and clean.

It’s important to check if there is any build-up on the hose, make sure to clean it off before turning on your grill. This will avoid the hose to catch on fire, and also to ensure your safety.

If the hose is torn or has any holes, replace it. It’s worth the cost to avoid any accidents.

2. Clean Your Grill

Take the time to clean your grill! There are many benefits when you have a clean grill. It’s better for your health, by eliminating any bacteria build up that can transfer on toy your food. Your food will taste much better when you have a clean grill. Most importantly, keeping you grill clean will prevent corrosion, and your grill will last you a long time.

If you have a gas grill, remove the grates and scrub down everything. You can use a wire brush or damp cloth, avoid using soap—it can stick around and it’s tricky to rinse off.

grilling cleaning

3. Clean Out the Grease Trap

You may have forgotten, but your grill has a grease trap. Before your start grilling, remove and dump out any remains from last year’s grilling season.

grilling drip pan

For easier clean up, insert a drip pan or line the grease trap with foil.

4. Test It Out Before You Start Grilling

Before you get right to grilling, turn on your grill, light it up and let it burn for a few minutes. While you let it burn, make sure that all burners are firing and there are no leaks.

After you go through all the steps and there aren’t any problems, it’s time to bust out the steaks and burgers and let your grilling skills shine!

grilling test

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