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3D Playstation 3 Games Now Available

Today is a big day for Sony Playstation 3 owners and anyone who is planning to buy one. For the first time ever, PS3 is offering 3D games. The good news was revealed yesterday in Culver City, CA at conference focusing on the latest 3D technology.

Some of Sony’s top executives watched a presentation in 3D featuring 3D content from ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and Sony’s internal divisions. Some of the content included soon-to-be released 3D movies like Men in Black III, 3D Blu-ray movie content like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and some 3D video games like Gran Turismo 5, WipEout and MLB The Show 10.

Sony’s own, CEO and President, Sir Howard Stringer, commented on the quality of 3D on PS3, “When it comes to good versus mediocre 3D, you know the difference, Sony knows the difference. Good 3D is immersive, not jarring. It fuels the imagination and is easy to watch.”

If you are planning to purchase a new 3D or 3D-ready TV, now just might be the time. With the purchase of a Sony Bravia 3D TV, Sony is giving you four 3D PS3 games and demos (rumored to be Super Stardust HD, WipEout HD, Pain, as well as the demo version of MotorStorm Pacific Rift); in addition, if you choose to register your TV, you will get a bonus voucher for two Blu-ray DVDs. The new Bravias are due to hit Abt’s shelves in July, so check back for more information on eligible 3D models and pricing.

-Kelly B.

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