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3 Ways to Skip the Straw

Today is National Skip the Straw Day, a holiday that encourages you to consider not using a disposable plastic straw in your drink. Plastic straws often end up in our bodies of water, and can be deadly to marine wildlife. Whether you believe that this is a great way to better the environment or think it’s just a low-effort attempt to feel good, the truth is that we could all stand to make a little less waste, and even the smallest effort is better than none at all. If you’d like to ditch disposable straws without inconveniencing yourself (those of you with sensitive teeth know how much of a pain this can actually be), here are three products that can help you go strawless.

Reusable Water Bottles

One of the best ways to go strawless is to use your own cup or bottle. There are myriad choices of reusable bottles and cups that are both sturdy and stylish; they’re as much a lifestyle accessory as a functional one. Many have lids with integrated straws or spouts, and they’re insulated so your cold drinks stay cold longer. The 24 oz Takeya Actives bottle is a great choice for an everyday bottle. A wide mouth makes it easy to fill and stuff with ice, while the screw-top spout makes it easy to sip from.

YETI Rambler Bottle Magdock Cap

Of course, odds are that you might already have a water bottle that you hold dear. The YETI Rambler insulated bottles are some of the most ubiquitous products of the last few years, frequently seen on the trail, in the classroom, and just about everywhere in between. Drinking from the wide mouth bottles isn’t the most pleasant experience, but an accessory lid makes that much easier. The YETI MagDock Cap screws into the Rambler bottles and gives you a smaller spout to drink from, with a neat magnetic feature that ensures you won’t lose the small screw-on cap.

Zoku Pocket Straw

zoku pocket straw

Not keen on lugging your personal bottle everywhere you go, or have one that doesn’t work with lids? Or, most likely, you use straws in situations when you cant use your own cup, like at your favorite coffee shop. A collapsible reusable straw is the answer. The Zoku Pocket Straw is made from food-grade stainless steel, with a rubberized tip for a more pleasant drinking experience. Fully extended, the Zoku Pocket Straw measures 9 inches long, but when collapsed it easily fits in a pocket—or even on your keychain, thanks to the handy included carrying case. Once you get used to bringing your own straw with you, it will become second nature.

Finding alternatives to plastic straws is one simple way we can all reduce our impact on the earth, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Once you start going strawless, you might find that it leads to other savings: using fewer plastic bottles and paper cups, and even saving money by spending less on drinks.

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