3 Products To Boost Your Resolution: Home Gym Ideas On A Budget

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We’re past the midpoint in January, and that means it’s time to double down on those health-and-wellness-focused resolutions: especially fitness ones. And it’s not always easy to squeeze in that workout at the gym, whether you normally head to the gym at the end of the day or bright and early. So why not keep your gym at home? Our team has come up with some of our favorite fitness products to help you build a home gym on a budget. Instead of dragging yourself to a fitness club after work, you’ll be able to go for a jog right at home and even get in a strength workout. Finally, finish off with a recovery protein shake: you’ll have stuck to your resolution. Home gym ideas on a budget don’t have to consist of a punishing pushup and burpee routine; shed some calories and build some muscle with some of the newest tech. The best part? It’s all small-space friendly.

1. WalkingPad R2 Treadmill With Smart Walk Sensor – $799

WalkingPad R2 in a living room with a woman running on it

This is one of the most exciting treadmills we’ve seen in a while: the WalkingPad R2 is a foldable treadmill that stows away easily, making this the perfect piece for the home gym that’s more “home” than “gym”. The price is comparable to traditional entry-level treadmills, making this smart, foldable model the perfect pick for anyone looking for flexibility. Those looking for home gym ideas on a budget can unfold this model and activate the Smart Walk Sensor to get a good workout in. The Smart Walk Sensor detects your walking pattern to boost or slow speed as you need. Go for a simple walk or get that heart rate up with a running jog. Plus, there’s a screen on the bottom that shows data like how long you’ve been running for, steps and calories burned. When you’re finished, just fold it away beneath a bed or sofa.

2. Body-Solid Kettlebell Set – $125

Body Solid Kettlebell Set Weights

Kettlebells may look like something out of a wrestling specialist routine, but they are actually some of the more versatile strength training equipment you can easily keep in a home. And they’re one of our favorite home gym ideas on a budget (higher weight sets tend to have a higher cost). But for a set of six, these cannonball weights are very well-priced. And unlike a dumbbell, holding this handle engages multiple muscles that aren’t just in your arms. When you hold one, your legs, shoulders, back and abs engage. That means that weight training with these is nearly a full-body exercise, all for a high-powered fitness routine that’ll have your muscles working. Make sure you use them safely, just like with any weights. There’s always the risk of pulled muscles, but these weight trainers could even fall on a foot. Proper form keeps this set one of the best home gym ideas on a budget.

3. GE 5-Speed Blender With 2 Personal Cups – $120

GE 5-Speed Blender with two cups

This home gym idea on a budget comes in a bottle. No workout is complete without a protein shake (ask our in-house lifting expert, Megan Kell). There are proper times to drink them too; we recommend consuming a protein shake within 45 minutes of your workout’s finish, because it’s when your body is most primed to absorb that protein and build up that muscle. This GE blender is the perfect low-cost buddy to help you create those high-protein shakes and smoothies. Make them in the large blender, or bring yours on-the-go in one of the personal cups. Either way, you’ll have made an investment in a multifunctional blender that will make every fitness session build up your strength a little more. Plus, the larger 72 oz. capacity container makes this blender one the whole family can enjoy when you’re not making shakes.  

Those are some of our ideas for products that can help you make your own home gym ideas on a budget. What are some of your favorite exercises to incorporate alongside cardio and weight training, or recipes you love to make in the blender? We want to know, so leave a comment below!

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