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25% of Movies Streamed into Homes this week ran an article that stated 61% of all streamed movies come from  As a whole, 25% of movies watched in a home are now done through some form of streaming media. Technology is slowly outgrowing what was once an experience of wandering down the aisles of a video store and has morphed into a cold, calculated few clicks of a remote.

It’s a shock, of how quickly streaming movies have caught on.  I was a bit disheartened this weekend when I found out the video store I once worked at before I came to Abt (and was a customer even longer before that) is now closing up shop.  When I worked there I was told by the managers,  “if you can’t find what you are looking for here, you won’t find it anywhere”.  Boasting the largest inventory, no one in a 15-mile radius had, it made that store a key player in that chain’s dominance.

Since then, years have passed and I moved on from there, no longer an employee I would still continue my role as a customer.  As time went on, I would see the inventory of that store slowly but surely shrink.  The store’s own property was sliced due to an inflated lease at the strip mall and the woman’s clothing store next to it took over about 1/3 of the video store’s once large real estate.

While clicking and choosing a movie on your computer or TV is definitely convenient, it lacks having that unique experience of roaming the aisles of a video store, staring at hundreds of movie cover boxes, choosing one that you hope to be worth the inflated rental fee, all the while picking out that sweet or salty snack to perfect the evening.  Only time will tell how we will watch our new and favorite movies.  Until then people will slowly continue to experience at-home streaming cinema.  So,  fill up your movie queue and enjoy the show.

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