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2023 Kitchen Design Trends

a wood-paneled kitchen with dark navy tile and an arch over the oven in the back.
A beautiful city kitchen with all-blue cabinetry and appliances, unique lighting and striated floors.

As we move into the second half of the year, it’s time to talk about the 2023 kitchen design trends that have made the grade. Whether you’re staging a new kitchen, re-organizing the heart of your home or completely re-doing your space, top designers have one thing to say for sure: gray is out. The popular color has been a mainstay in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and pretty much the whole home for nearly a decade. But it’s time to reintroduce color, other neutrals and beautiful statement pieces to your kitchen as we head into fall. Of course it’s time to have fun with Halloween and holiday decor, but you have to give your gear the best backdrop possible. Explore some of our favorite new trends below!

To Sum It Up:

  • Grays and Silvers are Out
  • Beiges & Neutrals are the New Gray
  • Blues & Greens are Popular
  • Patterned Backsplashes Bring a Stylish Pop
  • Scared of Color? Start with Accents!
  • Countertops: Neutrals Can Make A Statement, Too

Grays Are On Their Way Out As Other Neutrals Move In

A more traditional kitchen with a light blue cabinetry and wooden island. Appliances are made with stainless steel.

As we mentioned above, those gray tones that dominated kitchens for so long are moving out of the eye for so many designers. What’s moving in to take their place? Other low-key neutral colors, like lighter or muted blues, darker turquoise, forest greens, creamy mushroom beiges, and even patterns. Bright white remains a beautiful background for walls and cabinetry, especially when there’s an opportunity for an island to pop out in a completely different, striking hue or a different material, like wood.  

If the heart of your home is already covered in gray, there are a few ways to add more personality. You’d be surprised what a coat of paint can do when it comes to cabinetry. Bring home some paint chips from the hardware store and see what you like. If bright colors and other neutrals like beige seem too far of a stray from your original vision, consider that bright white hue. For a bit more of a shake-up, change your fixtures or handles to gold and bronze. You’d be surprised; the whole kitchen will look new after just a change of color palette.  

Blues and Greens Dominate

A focus on part of a blue-tiled kitchen. The cabinetry and refrigerator are made with warm wood.

Looking for an accent piece that pops against your new neutral backdrop? Or are you hoping to forsake that neutral backdrop for more colorful, beautiful hues? Either way, move towards those beautiful muted blues, deep greens, turquoises and sea foams reminiscent of stormy waters. Let these be the background: paint the cabinetry in your kitchen, or the walls behind. They’ll even make a statement on a kitchen island—or opt for a color-customizable appliance like a BlueStar range or Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator. These can match the hue you’re looking for, or stand beautifully apart. Have fun exploring your choices and playing with these dominant colors in your space. 

If you are interested in bringing these 2023 kitchen design trends into your home but feel a bit timid, start slow with some throw pillows or a new color for counter stools. Decorative pillows and a throw blanket in a breakfast nook or a few barstools for the kitchen island help introduce a new color to your home and it’ll tell you if you like it or not. Use the paint chip idea, too: testing colors is what paint chips are for. Even do a bit of Pinterest research to see what you like, what you love and what you don’t.

Patterned Backsplashes

Mushroom-hued subway tile backsplash and stone build the groundwork of this kitchen

Move over, shiplap backsplash. Patterned backsplashes are what’s taking the stage with our 2023 kitchen design trends. While these materials are made to keep splashing grease and water from hitting your walls, they’re also there to make a powerful statement. Explore beautiful trends, shapes and louder patterns that will draw the eye toward your backsplash and your cooktop or range. Explore ideas for ways to make your space a standout: this is the perfect area to introduce those neutral beiges and browns, like mushroom, if you’re hesitant to move towards greens and blues. Against a white kitchen, those beige and brown hues will pair perfectly with bronze and gold fixtures and cabinetry handles.

Another trend here? A continuous backsplash, one that curves around your entire room, from countertop to countertop. Whether you’re using herringbone tile or gold-veined quartz, let it reach all the way around for a completely continuous look. You can even go back to that lovely classic subway tile if you like it, but make it unique. Choose a different colored stone, or go for a larger size for a truly eye-catching variation.

Is It Time To Replace Your Countertops?

A focus on caesarstone countertops in a white kitchen with gold and brass handles and detail work.

There are lots of 2023 kitchen design trends we’ve gone over, and some of them can be costly.  But others are easy on the wallet (like just a few coats of paint, or an added barstool). A countertop replacement isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, but it’s a move that can bring added benefit beyond design. If you have older countertops made with cultured marble or poorly maintained tile, it might be time to make the switch. Choose a material from a brand like Caesterstone; the brand mixes quartz aggregates for a finished product that’s stronger and easier to clean than other quartz producers. Abt works with and recommends Caesarstone because they truly are the real deal, with a wide catalog of designs perfect for different styles. Unlike marble, there’s no difficult upkeep. 

What’s in with countertops for 2023 kitchen design trends? Personalization. Explore different options in veining: if you’re moving towards the trend of gold and bronze fixtures and handles, consider gold veining in your countertop. Or use this space as the perfect place to contrast. In an all-white kitchen, go black to make a statement. Alternatively, have a black top for a kitchen island, and white countertops all around. Have fun exploring all the different options you can choose between. But make sure that instead of a high-maintenance marble, you choose a material that’s easy to clean and looks beautiful.   

It’s All About Personalization Heading to 2024

As we move through 2023 kitchen design trends and towards what will come in 2024, know that it’s all about personalization. Of course, if you had a recent kitchen redesign with some of the older colors, there’s no need to trash everything you just accomplished (even if it is all gray and silver). Those colors are fairly evergreen, and function well year-round. Instead, try adding pops of color or fun design elements as you get inspired. As we already mentioned, an easy change to make is to swap fixture colors (silver to copper, gold or bronze). Even pick out a new faucet that matches. For an even more in-depth change, break out that paint.

There are all kinds of places to draw inspiration from, whether you’re on social media or taking a walk through Abt’s Inspiration Studio. If you’re ready to make a change, talk to our specialists. We’re here to help you take the 2023 kitchen design trends and make them into your dream kitchen.

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