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2023: Kitchen Appliance Trends & New Innovations

A new kitchen filled with Samsung appliances, mainly showcasing the bespoke french door refrigerator with dark green doors, a white flex bar and an orange freezer door

If anyone knows kitchen appliance trends and electronics, it’s Abt! That’s because our experts stay on top of the news when it comes to exciting fresh technologies and directions that the industry is heading. Check out some of the notes that our own Shirley Hood (with nearly 30 years of experience here) has already collected for this year. The good news: all of these innovations improve on previous technologies, and some of them are significantly more affordable than past iterations. 

GE Overhead Microwave Air Fryer with a kitchen island filled with fried treats like chicken tenders and fries, as well as sauces

Induction Ranges For Less

From Shirley: The growing interest in induction technology has prompted mainstream manufacturers to produce more affordable options for this type of range, as well as produce larger sizes. Luxury brands have always had the upper hand in the induction category but brands like Frigidaire and Samsung have changed the game by offering more affordable options without sacrificing popular features like convection and air-fry. Check out some of the new, more affordable models, like this 30-inch Frigidaire Gallery range and this Samsung slide-in model

All-New 48-Inch French Door Refrigerator

From Shirley: Sub-Zero is the first brand to release a 48-inch French door refrigerator. It has not hit our showroom yet but the concept was a long time coming and well received. Other brands already have their versions in the making with release dates to follow. It’s all about more space for better preservation with this kitchen appliance trend.

Easy Auto-Dispense Dishwashers

From Shirley: Miele is the first to introduce automatic dosing in a dishwasher with their G 7156 SCVi. This feature uses an integrated PowerDisk to dispense just the right amount of detergent for the program selected. This dishwasher is truly the first of its kind, and users will likely end up saving detergent in the long run.

New Over-The-Range Microwaves With Air Fry

From Shirley: Gone are the days when you needed to purchase a separate countertop appliance to enjoy air-fried foods, as air frying has become wildly popular with many manufacturers like GE, LG, KitchenAid, and others. These brands are now incorporating this feature into their convection over-the-range microwaves so that countertops can remain less cluttered. Check out this model by GE

Smart Wall Ovens That Feature an Internal Camera

From Shirley: This feature incorporates a high-resolution camera inside the oven that allows the user to live stream or check the progress of foods from anywhere inside or outside the home when using the downloadable app. GE and Miele already have a few models with this feature, and other brands like Samsung are scheduled to release their version this fall. Check out this smart camera model from GE and this one from Miele

Personalized, Customized Refrigerators For Less

From Shirley: Colorful appliances are not new to the industry, but a fully customizable front panel refrigerator at the mainstream brand level is. The Samsung Bespoke line is the first to offer a refrigerator that allows you to design your fridge with 12 colors to mix and match, or create your own personalized panels using your own design or even family photos.

New: Ovens That Offer Air Sous Vide

From Shirley: This added feature requires you to place your meats, vegetables, and seafood into a vacuum-sealed bag. The lower cooking temperatures and longer cooking times help preserve nutrients in foods that might otherwise be lost in the cooking process, making it a healthier way to craft gourmet eats. What was once only found in luxury brand appliances like Gaggenau has finally found its way to mainstream brands like LG. Check out this oven from LG.

All these exciting innovations are coming to Abt, so be ready to outfit your home with these new kitchen appliance trends like induction ranges and air-frying ovens. You’ll have multipurpose models that can do it all. If you know what you want, click the links to buy online for delivery or pickup. We’re excited, and we know you are too!

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