Slow Cooker Madness Mix

We’re nearly through the first round of the 2018 NCAA National Championship tourney, and brackets are being busted left and right. We’ve been on the edge of our seats since the tournament started, keeping one eye on the TVs and one on the Abt Bracket Challenge leaderboard. All of that fretting can work up an appetite. And since no gameday marathon is complete without a selection of snacks, we whipped up a behemoth batch of this slow cooker Chex mix to keep us satiated. Sure, you can buy pre-made Chex Mix in the stores, but we prefer making it ourselves for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to make in large quantities, you get total freedom to fine-tune the taste to your liking, and you can switch out the ingredients you just cannot handle—we used cashews in place of peanuts so our team members with peanut allergies could still enjoy it. It’s basically an All-Star arrangement of snacks you might already have in your pantry. The recipe does need a few hours in the slow cooker, but you can prep it and get cooking in a halftime.

Individually, these snacks are tasty. But together, they are greater than the sum of their parts. Like the Justice League. The Justice League of Snacks.


1/3 cup butter (5 and 1/3 tablespoons)

1 packet hidden valley ranch dip mix

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon light Karo syrup

4 cups corn Chex cereal

3 cups mini pretzels

3 cups oyster crackers

3 cups Cheez-It crackers

1 cup cashews


Making the Chex Mix

The first step is to create the flavor mix. Melt the butter in a small bowl, and then mix in the ranch dressing mix, Worcestershire sauce, Karo syrup and sugar. Set that mixture aside.

Prep your slow cooker by spraying it with no-stick cooking spray. Then layer in the Chex cereal, crackers, pretzels, and cashews. Pour the flavor mix over the dry ingredients and stir well to ensure everything is evenly coated.Cover the slow cooker and cook the mixture on low for 3 hours. Stir the mixture every hour.

When cooking is completed, pour the mixture onto sheets of parchment paper and spread it out to cool. Once cooled, pour it back into a serving bowl and enjoy!

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