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Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer Demo Event

After becoming the most innovative name in vacuums, Dyson surprised the world last year with the announcement that they had developed a hair dryer. By leveraging Dyson’s digital motor technology, the SuperSonic promised to turn the industry on its head. And since its release, the Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer has racked up one positive review after another. Still, we know how important it is when shopping for a new piece of technology to be able to truly audition it before you buy. So if you’ve been considering buying the Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer, our upcoming demo event is perfect for you. Stop by Abt on Thursday, October 12, from 4-7pm, and you’ll get the opportunity to get hands-on with the Dyson SuperSonic, give it a test run, and even get a complimentary dry styling by Dyson stylists. 



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