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Dylan’s Candy Bar, Now Open at Abt

One of the most eagerly-awaited additions to the Abt atrium has finally opened. Dylan’s Candy Bar is here! Renowned for combining candy, color, and pop art into a unique shopping experience, Dylan’s Candy Bar has become a must-visit destination in cities across the country. Now, visitors to Abt can get their sugar fix in between shopping for a new TV or kitchen appliances.

Awaiting them inside Dylan’s Candy Bar is a veritable cornucopia of candy, with a selection that encompasses everything from modern day favorites to the classics of yesteryear. Stop by the Nostalgia section for forgotten favorites like  Abba-Zaba bars, Slo Pokes, or a bag of Big League Chew.

Or head to the bulk sections to create the ultimate grab-bag of gummies and other goodies. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s definitely something here that will satisfy it.

Heck, if you’ve got a savory tooth, there’s probably something here for you too. Pizza-flavored chocolate bar, anyone?

There’s also a selection of candy-inspired products, like fun plush toys and beach towels, for those who love the Dylan’s vibe but might be trying to cut down on their sugar intake.

Our Dylan’s Candy Bar boutique is open the same hours as the rest of our Glenview showroom: 9am-9pm Monday through Friday, 9am-7:30pm Saturday, and 10:30am-6:15pm Sunday. We hope to see you stop by. Can’t make it to the store, but have a craving to fulfill? Check out some of the Dylan’s Candy you can purchase online. Have a Sweet Day!

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