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5 Health Benefits of Using BBQ Grills for Cooking

For many people, BBQ grills conjure up images of warm summer nights, outdoor cooking, perfectly done meats and veggies, and fun with friends and family. An often-overlooked benefit of grilling, however, is how healthy it can be as a cooking option. Whether you prefer charcoal grills or one of the many other grilling options, it carries many health benefits that can help you and your family all year long. Read on for 5 of these health benefits and some grilling tips to keep your family healthy and satisfied.

More Nutrients

Unlike boiling, frying, and other methods for cooking meat and vegetables, grilling allows your food to retain more of its nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins can be damaged by overcooking on stovetops and in microwaves, making your food less healthy than it would be if cooked on a grill.

BBQ Steaks

Healthier Flavors

When grilling, you don’t need all the butter, oils, and other fats to make your food juicy and tender. Instead, grilling gives your food a wonderful flavor and texture without all the additional fat and calories.

Veggies and Variety

In addition to your usual steaks or burgers, you can try a wide variety of healthy, delicious options on the grill. For example, seafood, veggies like peppers or squash, fruits like pineapple or peaches, and even more unusual options like eggplant can all be extremely tasty and flavorful options on the grill.

Less Fat

Grilling allows the fat that drips off the meat to sizzle away, rather than reabsorbing into the meat after remaining in a dish or pan.

Get Outside

The act of getting outside to grill encourages healthy behaviors like outdoor activities, enjoying fresh air and sunlight, and enjoying nature with family and friends.


Trying new recipes, finding BBQ grills on sale, switching up your food groups, properly cleaning your grill after each use, and finding the right grilling tools and accessories can all help to enhance your grilling experience.





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