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Inside the Abt Gourmet Shop

Most know Abt as the place to get new major kitchen appliances, a big-screen TV, or other large products for building the dream home. What many may not know—especially those who haven’t been able to visit our physical showroom—is that we’re also a great place to find cutlery, countertop appliances, and all kinds of the small goodies and kitchen gadgets that make preparing and cooking meals easier and more productive. The Abt Gourmet Shop is your place to find everything from blenders and bread machines to crock pots and coffee makers, and way more than we can ever list.

small kitchen appliances

coffee makers

You can never have too much coffee, or too many coffee makers.

kitchen faucets

Need a new kitchen faucet? This display features dozens of working faucets so you can test exactly how they’ll work in your kitchen.

Add some flavor to any meal with freshly-ground salt, pepper or other spices.

Working on a New Year’s resolution to eat better? Healthy smoothies (check out our Green Post-Workout Smoothie recipe!) are a good way to add to your diet some of the nutritious veggies that you might not enjoy eating. A quality blender or juicer makes whipping up a smoothie a simple task.

Get a feel for high-end cutlery from top brands like Shun and Wusthof.

Add some color to your kitchen with a Le Creuset Dutch Oven or other cookware.

If there’s a task that needs to be done in the kitchen, the Abt Gourmet Shop has a product that can handle it. Stop by to see more, or check out the entire selection of small kitchen products online at Abt.com!

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