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Holiday Returns and Cleanup

Sometimes, the most hectic part of holiday shopping is the time right after all the gifts have been given. That’s when the TVs that were too large, the headphones that were the wrong color, the coffee makers that were duplicate gifts, and the myriad other unwanted gifts get returned or exchanged for more appropriate replacements. If you gave or received a gift from Abt that just wasn’t right, click the link for more info on Abt’s return policy.

Another hassle many of us are probably dealing with is an excess of cardboard and styrofoam packing materials strewn about the house. A common suggestion is to not put packaging from valuable electronics (like a new LED TV or computer) into your trash, because it can tip off would-be burglars to the presence of valuable items in your home. If possible, cut the boxes into smaller pieces and hide them within your recycling bin, or turn them inside-out so they don’t show off your new toys. Another option is to drop off your cardboard and foam packaging at a recycling center. This search tool at Earth911 will help you find the nearest spot to get all kinds of waste recycled, including the old TV or computer that were just replaced for Christmas.

Local customer are also welcome to drop off packaging materials at the Abt Recycling Center. We’ll gladly take it off your hands and make sure it gets recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. If you have limits on the amount of garbage you can throw out per week or you live in a municipality that doesn’t recycle styrofoam, dropping it off at our recycling center is a great option to get it out of the house and keep it from ending up in a landfill.

If you have any concerns regarding exchanging or returning an item or dropping things off at the Abt Recycling Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!


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