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Windows 8 at Abt Electronics

Out with the old, in with the new.  That’s defnitiely something Windows users are familiar with.  This time around, the newest incarnation, Windows 8 is catering to a faster, touch-related crowd.  Our Connect store representative Jay Irwin gave me the details on what to expect with the new operating system.

Windows 8 is already on display and accessible on two computers we have in our Connect Store.    “There are two big differences I can see with Windows 8 compared to Windows 7,” Jay mentiones.  “The first is how responsive the operating software is.  Everything, whether it is touch related or mouse or keyboard, it is extremely responsive.  Zero lag, zero wait time.  The second thing is the new Metro UI (user interface) .  It is all about touch, so the design is extremely intuitive and easily accessible.”

The desktop is extremely easy to use when you are controlling by touch, much like you would your touch-phone.  Applications, folders, and other programs are easily accessed through intuitive, smooth motions.  Come by the Connect Store in our Atrium this weekend and see for yourself!

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